Environmental Justice & Sustainability

Every Solution Requires Another Solution

Himalayan Salt Lamps | Photo from Ebay

The wilderness is a beautiful place one could enjoy and use to connect with God— as the Puritans did when they arrived in America— or even with one’s own deeper self, as many people do even today. But increasingly, this natural environment is being burdened by pollution creeping in from every angle. Water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, light pollution, thermal pollution, land pollution, radio spectrum pollution— moment by moment, contaminants are making it more difficult to enjoy the very living space we have been granted. Therefore, we are encouraged to be environmentally conscious as we live our daily lives so as not to cause suffering for ourselves and future generations.

And taking care of the earth’s health is actually closely related to taking care of our own physical body’s health. Eating non-GMO foods, drinking filtered water from a safe reusable bottle rather than from plastic bottles, sleeping when it’s dark and being awake when it’s light—these are all beneficial for our environment and our own health.

Of course it’s difficult to maintain certain healthy habits in today’s modern world. Due to my schedule I need to wake up when it’s still dark outside and I often don’t come home until after sunset. So recently I invested in some Phillips Hue light bulbs, which are LED—the most energy efficient type of bulbs, and have the ability to connect to my iPhone so I can control the lights from anywhere and also set timers. This way, although my living hours are a bit different from nature’s daylight hours, I could simulate the sun setting and prepare myself to be done with everything before the lights completely go out. The only issue with these lights is that they depend on Wi-Fi to control, which means more electromagnetic radiation, or EMFs, flow throughout my home when I’m using them.

After researching how to neutralize EMFs (which I should have done long ago anyway since EMFs are everywhere and harmful for many reasons—for more info on EMFs you could read this article), I discovered Himalayan salt lamps. A Himalayan salt lamp is a chunk of rock salt from Pakistan’s Himalayan mountains with a light bulb inside. The bulb heats up the salt, which naturally ionizes and purifies the air of allergens, pollution, smells, and EMFs, and so the lamp needs to be on all the time in order for it to work. Though, to save energy, I turn my lamps off when I leave the house. However, when I turn the lamps back on the salt takes quite some time to warm up and start ionizing again. Faced with this problem I pondered solutions and remembered my Phillips Hue timed lights. I looked into timers for regular outlets, which my salt lamps plug into, and found that I could time my salt lamps to automatically turn on before I get home in the evening, so they have time to warm up and clean the air. This is a better alternative to keeping the lamps on 24/7 and it’s the step I intend to take this semester towards caring for the environment more. I’ll be reducing pollution by turning the lights off when I don’t need them.

It may seem crazy to worry about EMFs and special timed lights, but our world has become increasingly complicated, and because we created technology (which IS beneficial), we now need other technology that fixes the negative side effects of previous technology. I could only imagine what the Puritans would think if they saw a Phillips Hue bridge.

Phillips Hue Bridge | Photo from arstechnica

3 thoughts on “Every Solution Requires Another Solution

  1. Really wonderful post: your writing is fluid and flows logically from point to point, and you include excellent links and photos to help readers follow along and see what you’re talking about (not to mention look into acquiring the same resources for themselves). Nice work! An exemplary post.

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  2. I agree with you. When it comes to pollution it is a constant factor on a day to day basis. For me especially, when it comes to air pollution it is a toxin that no one can truly escape. Either it is from a the natural air, cigarettes, or even from factories we as a society on a day to day basis need to help one another improve.


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