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Food & You

Environmental justice is the core to a happy and healthy life. When I think of environmental justice, I think of many things, actions and activities. It is exciting to open your mind to new ways of life because you feel accomplished and fulfilled. In my first year of college, I learned so many rumors and conspiracies that today, many deem true. For instance, the Monsanto corporation was founded in 1901 breaking out is first chemical concoction, saccharin, which Coca Cola used as a fabricated sweetener. Unfortunately, government officials lost court cases to ban the chemical and its use; prompting the corporation to continue its chemical influence on our edibles. Monsanto also focuses on bombing chemicals like uranium; such poisons happened to be included in the atomic bombs of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks. Would you trust a company who fortifies nuclear ammo to also develop the plants that you and your children eat?

According to the Monsanto mission, human innovation is their key to the difficulties faced in a world where resources are scarce. Through scientific advancement, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organics) have come to rescue, so to speak, our agricultural status. How safe is this formulated advancement? There has been many protest and advocacy towards GMOs and Monsanto because many people have awakened by the corruption displayed by the companies in bed with the government. In fact, the picture below illustrates the many politicians who have served for both Monsanto and the American government, weather simultaneously or before/after their involvement with either/or.

My way of being environmentally healthy and aware is to eat organically when it is possible. April is a very proactive month for my father and me because we love planting and we love results! Our favorite thing to plant is tomatoes because we use it most in cooking; nonetheless, we still enjoy growing apples. Next Spring, we are looking forward to celery because they do re-grow on their own. When we cannot plant and harvest our own, we do go to farmers markets and visit organic clinics around our neighborhood. It is not an easy habit to maintain. This is because it is expensive to be healthy! I believe that our society works this way because the ‘men behind the curtain’ want the poor to stay poorer (in health and wealth) and the rich to stay richer; food is a great strategy to dumb Americans down. Still, I have maintained this small adjustment to my lifestyle for quite a while and I continue to do so. In fact as I get older, I plan to take this lifestyle more seriously mostly because I will have to means to do so.




5 thoughts on “Food & You

  1. I knew that genetically enhanced veggies weren’t the best things to be sold in the supermarkets, but I didn’t know they were using substances like uranium to make them! It’s always jarring to find something like that out. However, I think it’s great that you and your father enjoy growing some vegetables on you try to eat healthier whenever it’s possible.
    I also agree with you when you say that eating healthier is more expensive. That’s always been a source of annoyance for me, because while I do try to eat healthy things, I understand that not everyone can (or can maintain that), because of how much it costs to do so.


  2. Wow, that was insightful. Although I remember learning a bit about Monsanto and GMOs in an Intro. to Geology course, I was not aware of how incredibly influential and scary the corporation was. It is terrifying to think that our food sources might essentially be poisoned by large corporations because money is more valuable to them than human lives. You make a very good point in pointing out that it is expensive to lead a healthy lifestyle. Anyone can walk into any grocery store and immediately see the gap between the prices of organic food and junk food. It is great that you and your father garden, as it is a reasonable alternative to buying GMO laden products. Although I don’t garden, my parents grow pumpkin, cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers, banana peppers, eggplant, okra, and jalapenos in their backyard. Having seen them do this for most of my life, I know that gardening is not easy, but it is worthwhile!


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