Environmental Justice & Sustainability

Let There Be Light (Or Not)

LIght Bulb
Light Bulb by Jeff Kubina

Personally, environmental justice never used to mean anything to me. Publicly, I would try to be the best civilian I can and not litter, throw recyclables in the appropriate recycling bins, etc., and yet it really never meant too much nor did it ever carry over into my personal life at home. Perhaps it was because there was never any personal side effects, or anything of the sort caused by the changes in the environment, but environmental justice was just something I studied in the classroom. However, seeing how many people are very passionate about the environment has made me realize that by my indifference towards the environment, I was stomping on something that other people held dear. So while I still do not have a certain flame within my heart to protect it, I find it my duty to at the very least try not to harm it in any way.

That being said, as someone who admittedly isn’t the best at saving energy, the topic of environmental justice was personally a bit of a touchy subject. While I do at the very least try not to litter, I found myself rather lacking in another aspect of “environmental justice”, which was being conservative about energy. The sheer amount of needless energy that I personally noticed myself spending was daunting to say the least. The first thing that I would do when I got home was turn on all the lights in my house, turn the air conditioner on, as well as the fan, then turn my computer on, and end up on my bed with the doors closed, not even using the computer. To be fair, the immediate effects of this wasteful behavior was never apparent to me before, since one is able to see the water they are saving, or the garbage that they throw out, and yet we are never able to see the amount of fossil fuels we are using every time we use our appliances. Nevertheless, in an effort to be more environmentally conscious, I will attempt to at the very least stop turning the lights on in every room, and also make sure to turn the lights off whenever I exit. Although I foresee many shortcomings, I hope to eventually make this into a new, healthier habit for the environment in which I live in.


3 thoughts on “Let There Be Light (Or Not)

  1. I like the honesty in your blog post! I found it so interesting that you turn on ALL the lights in your house when you come home. I too want to reduce the amount of electricity I use (especially with lights) and plan to do that this semester. For some in depth information on lights and energy, I found this article helpful: http://www.energy.gov/energysaver/when-turn-your-lights

    Also, for some reasons on why we should care about our environment you could check out this post: http://ecoadmirer.com/6-reasons-you-should-care-about-our-environment/

    I naturally care about the environment because I care about my own health, and I know that if I misuse the earth now, it will quickly become toxic even in my lifetime. The more people who are aware of the detrimental effects of each individual’s exploitation of the environment, the better it’ll be for our own health’s sake too. That’s why I always encourage others to protect the environment—because I want to live in a healthy world. I encourage you to spread the word too!

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  2. I loved the fact that you were very honest. I felt the same way about environmental justice until I learned not to take the environment for granted. In my house, we always have everything plugged in to the outlet even when we are not using anything. Until one hot sunny day in July, we had everything plugged in as usual (accept this time we had all three air conditioners and televisions on.) The power went out. I went to my neighbors apartment to see if they had power, they did! I called the electrician, it took him longer to arrive then to fix the problem. I never thought having all three air conditioners and televisions on, as well as having everything else plugged in to the outlet that the power in my apartment would go out. I learn that day if I’m not using it I shouldn’t have it plugged in to the outlet. Now before leaving my house we unplug everything. I know it’s so hard to save energy when the stuff we use daily needs energy. I believe saving some energy is better than having no energy at all.


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