Environmental Justice & Sustainability

Lets’s be kind to our home !

The Earth is beautiful when you love and care for it! CareerBright

When people hear about climate change or any issue regarding the environment, they might feel bad or lament for the animals that were harmed in the process, but do they realize they might have taken part of it? We all think little about the trash on the street (except that it smells bad as it looks) but in actuality we are causing a lot of the problems that is exponentially killing the earth that we live on. Karma may not be something everyone believes in, but in the case of environmental issues, what goes around really comes back around to end us all. Modern day technology, industrial production, and mass transportation has created poisonous and toxic areas that either kills or causes diseases in all living things around.

In order to combat this challenge, I choose to be more environmentally conscious this semester and beyond. I will make small changes that a lot of people overlook like bringing own bag to go grocery shopping and using a eco-friendly water bottle. I already recycle and conserve energy at home, school, and work by turning off lights that are not in use and completely turning off water faucets. These small changes can be easily done and will impact our environment positively if we can all participate. This is why there should be more awareness about Environmental Justice and sustainability. Environmental Justice is when people of all races, color, and background are treated fairly in regard of environmental laws. There should be no discrimination when environmental policies are implemented or enforced. However, based on research, there is more toxic substances surrounding people of color and impoverished communities. It is unfair for people and other living things to suffer in their homes because of environmental policies that were not properly enforced.

In American history, there has been many environmental justice communities that involved African Americans and civil rights leaders to advocate for cleaner waste facilities. In 1991, the First National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit formed which marked a great milestone for their movement. Sustainability is very important in order to compromise with the needs of today’s society as well as maintaining our environment so we can keep it for future generations to come. There are concerns in which our generation will not be alive to see the next semi-centennial or century, but we have to look at the bigger picture. Many doubt that one or a few people can make change against big corporations, but it is also the question of who put them in power by using their products and services. What do you guys think? Do we have the power to make smarter and more efficient choices to maintain a clean and healthy environment?


Links to References and learning more:

15 Easy Ways To Become Environmentally Friendly

Brief History of Environmental Justice in the United States

How Race and Class Plays Into Environmental Justice and Sustainability






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