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Makeup Artist Attempts To Conserve Water


Besides being an English major, I am also a makeup artist. With that said, I have to wash 100 plus makeup brushes! I have a bad habit though… I leave water running every time I wash them. Sometimes washing these brushes takes me about a half hour to an hour. According to New York City Environmental Protection Website, it states “Don’t run the water while shaving, washing your hands or brushing your teeth. Faucets use 2 to 3 gallons a minute.” Imagine all the gallons of water that I have already wasted! Realizing that I contribute to that makes me feel guilty. At the maximum of those numbers, I’m responsible for 180 gallons of wasted water, just to wash those brushes! I know that there are places in the world where the water isn’t clean or that it isn’t as easy to get. Some people don’t have the privilege of having easy access to water like I have. It is so simple to turn on water at a nice decorated sink, spending a good amount of time to wasting water, and forgetting about the world around you .

This semester I am choosing to turn off the water as I clean each makeup brush. It will probably be annoying to rinse the brush, turn off the faucet, swirl the brush in soap, turn on the faucet and rinse again. Even though it might seem annoying and difficult to maintain this new routine, I will try my best. I have already started with two brushes just so that my mind can get into the new routine. 

As I learn about Environmental Justice I see that it is a great thing. To be honest, I never knew that this existed. I see that it is a movement that connects and brings people for a greater cause. A community of people have the ability to come together and find ways to protect different important aspects of the environment. As I realize this I think about what I can do has makeup artist to conserve water. Who knows, maybe in the future I can get a great group of makeup artists to conserve water with me! 




4 thoughts on “Makeup Artist Attempts To Conserve Water

  1. I really love how you chose to change something that really affects you. Since you are a makeup artist, I know that washing your brushes on a regular basis is essential. The fact that you became aware of the amount of water you used, and you brought up the topic of access to clean water was awesome. Even here in America, we see the difficulty accessing clean water in Flint, Michigan. Many children have suffered from lead poisoning due to the compromised water system, and it has been an ongoing problem for quite some time now with no end in sight. I think this post will help shed light on how being wary of the water we use is important, and can impact the lives of others.

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  2. I never knew how much water was wasted by running the faucet; two to three gallons a minute, that’s insane! While I do make a conscious effort to turn off the tap while I brush my teeth, I often forget during other activities, such as washing the dishes and cleaning my makeup brushes. And I agree with you; it is tedious and takes so much longer to clean things when you’re constantly turning the water on and off, but it is worth it in the long run. Saving a gallon or two of water is worth the extra minute it takes to clean my dinner dishes.

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  3. As a makeup enthusiast myself, I don’t turn the water off between brushes. This is definitely making me think about all the times I leave the water running as I lather my brushes and it’s pretty embarrassing to think that it never was a thought in my mind! The great thing about this assignment is that all of us are looking at our habits and informing each other of different ways we can be more loving and considerate to the planet we live on. Thank you for doing the math and making it more real for us make up lovers. The picture was a nice touch. I laughed at the thought of tediously washing every brush, something I should probably do now.

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