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Save The Tree’s, They Help Us Breathe!

When deciding on what everyday action I could change to improve the environment, I took to the internet to find out my options. I went through multiple lists of steps one can take to be environmentally conscious, and I came across the use of paper on the website for the World Wildlife Fund (for Nature). The consumption and use of paper is a big part of my life. Being a college student; and more importantly, an english major; I go through tons of paper on a daily basis. Whether I am printing out ten page research paper drafts, or taking notes for five classes, the use of paper is pretty prominent in my life. Although it is beneficial for me helps to keep me organized, it is not beneficial for the environment in which I live.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, the use of paper is increasing all around the globe. We use around one million tons of paper every single day. Although paper is biodegradable and can be easily disposed of, it’s how we actually get the material to make the paper that is damaging. As we all know, paper is made from trees. There is a great demand for paper all over the globe, and you know how the supply & demand scheme works out. The more we want it, the more companies will make it and sell it to us. It’s all about profit, but this means to gain profit is hurting our world. Trees are being uprooted, and chopped down. Deforestation is becoming a wide spread phenomenon. Not only are we destroying the homes of millions of animals and in turn causing species to become endangered, we are also creating an atmosphere with a decreasing amount of oxygen. Although we don’t often think about it, we are dependent on these natural forests for our survival. They literally give us the air we breathe.

So this semester, and hopefully for the rest of my life, I have decided to go green (as much as possible.) Instead of taking notes down on paper, I will use an electronic device, whether it be on my phone, iPad, or Macbook. Also, instead of printing out drafts for editing, I will edit on an electronic device, and ask my professors if I can turn in final drafts electronically as well. I hope that my efforts will be at least a small contribution to the salvation and restoration of our environment.

Below is the website for the World Wildlife Fund, which shows ways that you too can help stop deforestation and save the trees.




6 thoughts on “Save The Tree’s, They Help Us Breathe!

  1. I love how you made this your topic because I wish that I could use my iPad for my classes, not only because I have not the best handwriting lol, but I agree with the facts that you talked about in your blog. I wish that my other professors would let me use the IPad in class, but the other professors that I have the no electrics rule in class.

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  2. To add to your point about saving trees and your concern about oxygen, the deforestation in the Amazon is also leading to a depletion in water supply. This, in turn, has a drastic effect on farming. Some predict that now is the time to invest in water companies. Or consider the post-apocalyptic film Mad Max about the fight for water. Deforestation impacts our water supply more than we realize, especially because in America very few want for water. We have privileged access to clean water sources unlike other parts of the world.

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  3. I love your title! It’s very clever. As an English major, I too understand your struggles with maintaining “green” habits in a curriculum that revolves around using an enormous amount of paper. While I admire your dedication to going completely paperless for your classes, that may not be feasible in some situations; a professor may require printed copies, a laptop may break down or lose its charge, etc. If quitting paper cold-turkey is not an option for some people, maybe simply cutting down paper use every day could work? You could print your papers doubled sided to cut down your paper consumption, or reuse old notebooks from past classes that still have unused paper. Even the small steps can have a huge impact!

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  4. I enjoyed reading your blog. As an english major, I understand it’s hard not to use paper. I believe your best ideas are usually written down on paper. I use a lot of paper all the time, if it’s not for taking notes, printing out my essays to revised them or printing out the readings my professors post on blackboard so I can highlight the important parts of the reading. I honestly do better writing everything out. Especially when you don’t always have Internet access everywhere you go. I work and go to school full time. It’s takes me about an hour to get from school to my house. During that time, I’m usually catching up on readings. It’s true, that a lot of professors don’t allowed their students to use electronics in class. The only professor who I’ve ever had that allows us to use our electronics in class and especially allowing students to use their phones in class for the reading, is our professor Ms. Katopodis. Since every professor always wants us to have a hard copy. I have decide to take your blog into consideration. I will try my best to use less paper when I can. As well to use my MacBook more often instead of just using it for typing up my essays. I will try taking notes on it. Read my readings online instead of printing them out.

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  5. I totally understand! I’m also an English major and it seems I use more paper every year that passes. I like how you pointed out that discarding paper isn’t the real issue rather the process of making it and how it effects our environment. I also like how you pointed out that by cutting down trees we aren’t just harming one place or one thing, that animals and other surroundings are effected by this. I myself as an artist have chose to draw digitally after seeing how much paper i dedicated to art and writing. I hope to follow in your footsteps and try and make the work I do for school more digital.

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  6. I was cleaning my desk the other day and noticed just how much paper has been used from the past few years. I had a good 3 stacks of worksheets that after using it one time in class it becomes totally nonexistent. No need for it, and it would just create a mess. Now I know on my part I might be a bit messy, but just seeing the amount of paper I had and how many trees were used to cut down on it made me feel bad. I would like a change in how we use paper in schools, especially in the classroom. I really do get tired having to print out multiple pages to bring into class when I can so easily use my phone or tablet to class and have it with me EVERYWHERE.
    However, I feel that it would be a difficult transition to the digital age. It is slowly getting implemented now, but i would like to see a future like that when my kids are in school.

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