Environmental Justice & Sustainability

…can we find a balance?

Ever since I was little I have always been conscience of my surroundings. What has helped me to stay on track of what needs to be attended to is by being organized. Organization is key and although we all have our own versions of doing a certain function makes us individuals. What happens to the individual? Does he or she become paranoid when something is not accomplished or does one become lazy and rather so less appreciative of what the world offers?

As an individual I volunteer by turning off the lights when not using it so the earth can save some power (although it is less than one percent of the usage that the entire world uses, it is still something.) Also turning off the water in a sink when brushing my teeth to save fresh water. And mostly I use resuable water bottles because the epidemic on that is astounding. Billions of bottles being used when they can be reused again and again instead of destroying an animal’s home. I do all of these things because it is a simple thing to do and before you know it, it will become a regular to do that will not take any thought.

We all want justice, either it is big or small, we want some kind of recognition knowing that situations can be concluded in a respectful manner. Doing what is right makes especially for those who can not do for themselves is what makes the world connected. Also  helps it to spin so we can get the twenty-four ours that we need. As long as the environment keeps producing and providing a communal stature then we should reciprocate by givng the environment sustainability.

The overall message that I am trying to convey is that we do not need to be savages in order to get some kind of response out of one another because we will never find it. Or worse than that we will never respect or appreciate the matter at hand because we all want more and the only way for that to happen is if we try. By doing nothing we will never understand what it means to fight not just for others but yourself. When you fight for others, you are fighting for yourself and that is a long and complex battle. The envrinoment needs to be maintained. Although you can lose interest every once in awhile, because at times it maybe hard but in the end the battle is what makes it all worth wild.





3 thoughts on “…can we find a balance?

  1. I agree with you– although these little things seem simple, they eventually add up! To branch off of your saving electricity example– now that fall is approaching (so sad), we can open up our windows to let the cool air come inside, and turn off the AC’s.

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  2. I agree with this post personally what I have been doing is not buying gallon water in the stores. I have a single gallon water and I just refill it with tap water that I filter. I not only save a lot of money the environment is better well off because I use up less plastic that needs to be recycled. Another thing that Iv’e been doing to find balance is using the fan when it isn’t too hot instead of turning on the air conditioner. This also conserves a lot of energy another small little thing that can be done to help the environment by being less wasteful.


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