Environmental Justice & Sustainability

Environmental Justice & Sustainability


My name is Melanie, but you can call me Mel.  WELCOME! I hope you enjoy my blog. The environment in which we live in needs help. To do my part, I believe in, “Reducing, Reusing & Recycling”. This makes total sense to me for the simple fact that we are drowning in garbage.

We all know that all living things cannot live without water. Unlike food, the human body is more dependent on water and cannot survive for extended periods of time without its consumption. For this reason the dependence on of water is not a luxury but a necessity.

Beyond the tap the availability of water today is conveniently packaged in plastic containers. With this in mind, I am helping out by reusing the store brought refundable plastic bottles that water is packed in.

All day long I consume a ton of water.  If you knew me, you would know that where ever I am at not far away I would place my paba free container filled to the brim with H2O.  In the a.m. when I try my best to squeeze in an extra five minutes of sleep it throws off my schedule. When this occurs I have no time to fill up my water bottle. I then opt-out by using a store brought plastic water bottles. In my book bag it goes and I head off straight to school. I normally get thirsty in class so you will see me drinking from the bottle of water I shoved into my book bag. Once I am done drinking, I reuse the water by refilling it at the water fountain. I always make sure that I return home with the same bottle in my bag. By doing this I reduce my own carbon footprint on the environment.

After a short period, all my plastic water bottles get a new life. They whine up in a big black plastic bag and are taken back to the store to be recycled. There the refund deposit machine awaits them. Patiently I stay in line as I wait my turn and insert each one into the bottle slot. The deposit money is refunded at a rate of five cents and the cycle begins again.

The best way I reduce and reuse is without a doubt by using my paba free container. Initial the cost is expensive but if it helps the environment the price is worth it. Made of hard plastic this container is dishwasher safe and can be used at home and on the good. It is perfect if you are involved in any type of sporting activity. Handy and smart packaged in one the way I like it. There are multiple designs which are ergonomically designed to fin ones hand. They come in an assortment of colors and are readily available in the local store.

Water; avoid the plastic package water containers by filling up your water bottles from a filtered source such as one you may have attached to the faucet or filter container that you can chill in the refrigerator. Let’s all do our part one bottle at a time. This is our home. Don’t you think it is time to treat it as we care. Help reduce the waste stream.

unnamed (1)

Here is the water bottle that I like to use when I need some water. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Environmental Justice & Sustainability

  1. Wow! I really enjoyed reading your blog. You sound a lot like me– I love reducing, reusing and recycling as well. I also use a reusable water bottle. Its great and saves so many bottles.

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