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Hey You! Turn that water off


When thinking about Environmental Justice the first thing that came to my mind was the word “recycle”, this is because for a great part of my life and I’m sure many others recycling has been the term most used when discussing what we can do to help the environment. Many people just digest recycling as simply throwing a plastic bottle into the correct bin, throwing your gum in the trash, or not leaving things in places such as sidewalks,oceans, or forest. While all of these things are true recycling isn’t defined just by just throwing away your trash correctly or avoiding bad habits of leaving trash in just any place. We can recycle many things including light, water bottles, and water itself by recycling how we use these things. The first step in helping the environment is being aware of how you may be a part of the problem or how “environmentally uneducated” you are. When considering the things I do that might be causing harm I looked to the things I do on a daily basis that I could possibly change.

Water usage is something we all might take for granted, just look at the Flint Water Crisis in Michigan where the community is suffering because of the state the water that runs to their homes is. Water is a necessity and the amount we have and how safe it is, is important. I’ve decided that I shouldn’t abuse the water I do have just because we (NYC) aren’t in a drought or don’t necessarily have to worry about the state of our water. According to Gracelinks.org turning off the sink water while brushing our teeth might seem small but it does save water and helps us get in the habit of making saving water a daily mission and not just a one time thing, so I will attempt to do this for the semester and hopefully forever.

While simply using the sink water less or avoiding taking long showers seems insignificant, its actually quite effective. Other tips Gracelinks.org suggest we use to save water is timing our showers by playing music. We can see how many songs go by while we shower and then try to decrease that to one song per shower. Another tip is making sure our faucets are properly working and aren’t leaking. Environmental justice is being aware that the environment is in danger but also realizing we’re a big part why also meaning we can help stop what we’ve already started.

source: http://www.gracelinks.org/437/water-saving-tips-in-the-bathroom

image: http://www.mojnovisad.com/vesti/rumenka-stepanovicevo-i-kisac-sutra-bez-vode-id2610.html



2 thoughts on “Hey You! Turn that water off

  1. Those are some great tips for conserving water and energy! I particularly like the one about listening to songs in the shower. It would be cool to pick a 5-minute song and see if you can finish showering in 5 minutes! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hey, I really enjoyed your read! Especially about how the term “recycle” can mean various things other than putting the right recyclables in the corresponding bins. However, I was a bit confused when you brought out the topic of recycling water. Would you say that by taking shorter showers or turning the water off while brushing your teeth, you’re recycling water, or conserving water? To my understanding, recycling water would be to use and reuse water, unless I’m misunderstanding something.

    Regardless of the confusion, I absolutely enjoyed the read and I myself will start showering with music on in an attempt to take shorter showers, what an incredibly clever idea!


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