Environmental Justice & Sustainability

No More Plastic Bottles!


Its nothing new that plastic water bottles has been a problem to our environment. You can find a empty water bottle in the street, at the park, even at the beach just laying there. Although my assignment does not focus on recycling. It focuses on how we can help the environment by using reusable bottles instead of plastic bottles. Many people need to learn how to recycle or at least learn to throw it in the nearest trash can.

The term environmental justice means to me that all of us coming together to help and save our environment. Repairing the damage us humans have cause throughout the centuries just so us humans can be able to survive on earth. Us humans are the main reason why our environment is slowing dying.  

I didn’t notice how much water was consumed in my household weekly until I was taking out the water bottles from my room to the recycling bin. The recycling bin was full. For the first time I decide to take it out. Then it cross my mind, how could we have had so many water bottle if it’s only three of us who live in my house, including myself. As well as, we just recently brought four cases of water a few days ago. I decided to go to my living room and check, we had finished more than half  of one 40 pack of Poland Spring water. We literally just have a water filter for show because we barely use it. When I need water. I run straight to my living room and pick up one of the Poland spring water bottle. When I forget I just buy myself one at the store. It’s easier for me to drink water from a plastic bottle because after I’m done. I can simply throw the bottle in the nearest trash can. Instead of carrying it around everywhere I go. I have about 10 reusable bottle of water, all different shapes and sizes. I’ve probably have only used them once. I am one of those people who hates to carry so many stuff in there bag. I get lazy to carry a water bottle everywhere I go it can be to school, work,  even the gym.  This semester I really want to make a commit to use a reusable bottle for my water. Meaning before going to bed refilling my water bottle putting it in the refrigerator so for the next morning. I can just take it and go. I need to learn how to rely more on my water filter than the cases of Poland Spring water I have in my living room. That dollar that I waste on water can be use towards something else.

According to the article Ban the Bottle, Americans used about 50 billion plastic water bottles last year and more than $1 billion worth of plastic is wasted every year. Now let’s force on what is use to make the plastic. How much material is wasted just to make the plastic bottles? How much energy is used? According to the article Bottled Water and Energy Fact Sheet  it’s take the plastics manufacturing industry around 3.4 megajoules of energy just to make a plastic liter bottle. Also 106 billion megajoules of energy is required to make enough plastic to bottle 31.2 billion liters of water. Beside the fact we waste a lot of energy to just to make the plastic bottles. Now think how much gas is used to transport the plastic water bottle to there location. Not only that but also having to send the empty recycled water bottles to get refilled again. We waste more energy and gas by refilling the plastic water bottles. Instead of wasting energy on plastic bottles. We should be using reusable water bottles. Instead of constantly wasting a dollar on a water bottle. You can buy a reusable water bottle for a dollar and refill that bottle, all the time. Imagine how much money you could be saving. We should help and repair our plant one step at a time. A little change can make a big difference.







2 thoughts on “No More Plastic Bottles!

  1. I can totally relate to the packs and packs of Poland Spring water lying in my living room. My family drinks a lot of water and hence all these bottles are sitting there in the recycling bag. I want to reduce the plastic consumption in my household since there are so many plastic products that we use already. I ordered my first water infuser bottle from amazon, so thank you for the Klean Kanteen picture! I know what to order next haha… I also have seen this new biodegradable water bottle video on Facebook. It seems that someone has invented a water bottle that disintegrates itself when there is no water filled inside. It’s a really cool concept, but the design and the pricing of the bottle can be improved.

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