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Save the Tap!

When I thought about the issue about environmental habits my initial defense to this topic is to say that I am almost always environmentally friendly. However, “almost always” doesn’t count and this weekend proved me wrong, for the better I would like to think.

This past Labor Day weekend, I had a wonderful opportunity to camp out (in a tent) at Lake Michigan with my friends. Being alongside nature made me realize that as a city girl I need to change my current habits in order to “green” my environment. To be environmentally friendly should not only be a choice for the moment but a way of life to consciously conserve the planet. So, for this semester I am going to focus on simply changing my poor habit of letting the sink water run when it shouldn’t.

I take this small action for granted every time I use the sink without thinking of the consequences that I am contributing towards. Though New York City has a convenient supply of tap water from the Catskill/Delaware watershed, many places (even in America) suffer from lack of water supply in their daily lives. This past weekend, I experienced a glimpse of that reality for many people in the world.

Limiting tap water from the faucets has its benefits that many people,including myself, should consider into their daily rituals. Through this action, I am saving money on my water bill and conserving the supply of fresh water that is much needed to provide as many people as possible.

I think that this change in action may be difficult at first since I am not used to the habit, however, small steps allow big results and I am willing to maintain this habit for this semester and beyond! Do you think you can do the same?

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3 thoughts on “Save the Tap!

  1. I really like the idea of “greening” your environment. In that sentence you really take ownership of your environment, taking responsibility for your impact and making yourself accountable to your environment. That displays the important connection between individuals and their wider environment. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


  2. I love that you chose this topic because it is so true that we don’t need the water on and so many of us are guilty of leaving it on for no reason. I used to not be able to brush my teeth if the water wasn’t on so I would keep it on for a full two minutes or however long I spent brushing my teeth when there was literally no reason for it to be on. In addition, when we shower, we don’t need the water on the entire time unless we are rinsing off yet almost everyone (don’t lie) keeps it on the entire time. I’ve become conscious of this and stopped using water when I don’t need it, especially now that my family moved into a house and we have to pay for the water we use. Our bill every month tells us how many gallons of water we use and I genuinely feel disgusted at the hundreds of gallons of water I must have wasted through the years because of this weird quirk I had about water.

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  3. i am in total agreement with limiting the usage of tap water. I went through this exact same process about a year ago, and have kept it up since, something that I am actually really proud of. When we use water we always put our selves first, and think little about the ramifications that having water running for 5 mins does to the planet. Or how much water we use when we shower. I’m glad you took into consideration the plights of those affected by water shortages and aren’t around clean drinking water. We should think about them more whenever we open our faucets.
    It’s a really good goal to accomplish, and from someone who is still working on it, I really want to wish you the best of luck.


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