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The Importance of Reusable Water Bottles

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The use of reusable water bottles is perhaps one of the most overlooked and underestimated methods of conserving and helping the environment. Often, people complain about tap water because of its taste and prefer to buy bottled water because it is supposedly cleaner and also more convenient. The problem with this thinking is that there is no substantial evidence to suggest that tap water is in any way less clean, or in any way harmful when compared to bottled water. In fact, in-home water filtration systems are available. Brita filters are little jugs that can filter water at home. There are also filters that can be installed directly onto the faucet head so that the water comes out filtered directly.


Bottled water poses many problems in terms of the environment because one single bottle can “take hundreds of years to decompose” (banthebottle.net). In addition, the production of the plastic bottle requires the use of machines and factories that emit toxins and pollution into  the air. Less water is placed into the bottle than is actually used to produce it (banthebottle.net).


Realistically speaking, the convenience of having a plastic bottle is not really a reason to buy bottled water. Reusable water bottles are usually BPA free whereas bottled water bottles are not. This means that the reusable water bottle can be refilled and cleaned multiple times without causing harm to your health. In addition, the reusable water bottle has one price, usually a pretty cost-effective one, but then it can last years and be reused and filled as many times as necessary. You need to drink about six poland spring 16fl oz. bottles a day in order to be healthy. We are essentially made of water so its no question that we need the water, but to throw away six plastic bottles into the earth every day, would mean to destroy fertile and usable land for absolutely no reason. Reusable water bottles conserve this and are usually biodegradable so throwing them out would not negatively affect the environment.

I personally use a reusable water bottle as much as I can. I tend to be very forgetful and lose them about every six months but nonetheless I make as much of an effort as I could to hold on to them. To me, environmental justice means giving a voice to animals and the environment and valuing the life of our planet instead of exploiting it for our own use. Much in the way that the European settlers and Europe in general has essentially created a history of exploiting the land and life for the sake of capitalist ideals, so has humanity in general destroyed the Earth for the comfort and continuation of our species while overlooking the death of living beings and the life of our own home.
I was born in a farm and lived there for eight years of my life before coming to the city so I will always be biased in the sense that I will never see the life of our planet a worthy sacrifice for our enjoyment. I don’t want to come across as a hypocrite because I do very much participate in behavior that is contributing to the problem, but I try my best to make a small effort to conserve the planet. Personally, I feel that buying a reusable water bottle is one of the easiest and most cost-effective and overall logical way to go about satisfying our need for water.


3 thoughts on “The Importance of Reusable Water Bottles

  1. I thought I’d comment on your blog post as it pertains to the same topic that my post was about and that is the benefits of using fountain or tap water as opposed to buying plastic disposable water bottles. First, I love that you lived on a farm. It’s one thing to be a city girl like me realizing that I need to take care of my environment because the concrete jungle can be toxic; it’s another thing to come from someplace surrounded by nature where you learn to appreciate how beautiful and simple (or beautifully simple) it is. I hope that we both stick to reusable water bottles long after this semester is over so we could help out the environment the best we can. 🙂

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  2. Hello, I think your post is very environmental conscious like, and you are totally making justice for our environment. I also like how you expressed your thoughts towards making justice for the environment and the animals as well. It is unbelievable that a single plastic bottle can take hundreds of years to decompose in comparison to a reusable bottle that could be BPA free and are usually biodegradable. I do agree with your idea that using a reusable water bottle is the right choice when satisfying our need for water. Can you imagine if everyone used a reusable water bottle instead of purchasing hundreds of plastic water bottles? How positively that action will be for our environment.


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