Environmental Justice & Sustainability

Save the Planet by walking



“Their world was in many respects a quieter one. There were no radios, no cars not even the hum of a refrigerator, a fluorescent light, or a computer. The world of early America was also darker than yours. When the sun went down, only dim lamps and fires remained. Your neighborhood might be lit up as bright as day every night. Rath ix”


In How early America sounded by Richard Cullen Rath in the Preface Rath mentions that technology advances has made modern America brighter, than in colonial times. What Rath does not mention in his preface is that these same technologies which sounds impressive in his Preface; keeping America lit up even at night time. Has also made modern America less environmental sustainable than colonial America. Landfills’ and factories cause pollution in the air and in the water. Cars fill the air with carbon dioxide, and computers take more energy to create than to use during its entire lifetime. It’s not that colonial America was a quieter place to live. It was a more environmentally friendly place to live.


Environmental justice is accepting global warming is real, accepting it’s a threat to the future of our beautiful planet. Environmental justice is for each and every person, to do their part in reducing their personal pollutants to the environment. To make it cleaner and safer.



One thing that I can do this semester that is environmentally conscious, is to use convenient harmful technology less when it isn’t necessary. What I ‘am going to do is instead of driving my car to the nearby stores I will walk. Since I go to shopping every day, and I always drive. This is something I can do every day. This change is economically conscious because I will consume less gas that pollutes the air. Each car on the road produces 1.3 billion cubic yards of polluted air in the atmosphere during its lifetime.


This new habit should be fairly easy to maintain. Its true having to walk instead of driving is less convenient. However this habit is also beneficial to me personally because of the exercise. Walking reduces the risk of getting many diseases that starts to pop up in your late twenties; like heart attack and strokes. Walking also helps reduce blood pressure and weight loss. I don’t exercise regularly so I will be killing two birds with one stone. I will definitely maintain this after the semester is over. Having to find a new parking spot every time I drive a short distance, can get very annoying. I can just walk I’ll do my part to help take care of the environment and stay healthy at the same time.


https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/car-pollution-18772388.jp  g                       the g next to p

Environmental Benefits



Richard Cullen Rath. How Early America Sounded,  Cornell University Press, 2003, NewYork,                                            September 1,2016. Print




One thought on “Save the Planet by walking

  1. Great post and excellent point about the Rath reading! Make sure you click to “Preview” a blog post before you publish it to help you correct the formatting. The spacing at the bottom of this post is really off, making it difficult to understand the context for the links and citations. Make sure you always prepare a reader for what s/he is about to read!


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