Reflections on Hope Leslie

Disney Princess or Noble Savage?

What is a Disney Princess? Well it is a female character created by the optimistic beings from the Disney World. These princesses are strong and independent woman from various parts of the world. Each princess communicates with animals of the wilderness, the sea, and or the jungle. Also they  interact with folks of not an ideal figure but what makes these women so significant but vigorous at the same time is that they all do not judge. They except people as they are and try to enrich them and themselves as their journey evolves.

In Catherine Maria Sedgewick’s Hope Leslie she writes about a female named Magawisca. Although Magawisca is not a Disney Princess she does have the features of a princess in terms that she fights for what is right and fair. Yet along the way she does not do these acts in a conventional manner she is still bringing the idea of what could be rather than what should be based on a single idea. What connects her to a Disney Princess so much in my opinion is the fact that in the novel she has a moment of peace. “To Magawisca whose imagination breathed a living spirit into all the objects of nature, it seemed as if the spirits of the wood had stooped to listen to its sweet music,”pg 85 There is a moment of solidarity and clearance almost like an epiphany during her moment.

As for the Noble Savage, according to Google it means “a representative of primitive humankind as idealized in Romantic literature, symbolizing the innate goodness of humanity when free from the corrupting influence of civilization.” Magawisca fits the criteria perfectly. She is representing the new-found forms of civilization through good humankind statures. When words are combined they turn into a different meaning. But when separate they have a different essence. For example noble: belonging to a hereditary class with high social or political status; aristocratic. And as for savage:(of an animal or force of nature) fierce, violent, and uncontrolled. These terms put together form a noun, a person place or thing. Yet on their own they are adjectives which help to describe another word. Noble savage is a noun that helps each individual word help to compliment and conflict with each other. Which is exactly what Magawisca is a complimenting yet conflicting person. Magawisca is woman who fights for what is fair but at the same time cannot find the righteousness because not everything is ideal.

Being a Noble Savage or a Disney Princess kind of goes hand in hand. Wanting the savagery to be noble or vice versa. And with the Disney Princess it is a made up character defined by an individual’s perspective of what meets the in-between.


One thought on “Disney Princess or Noble Savage?

  1. I really liked your interpretation of the Disney Princesses. Like almost anything in this crazy life, people do anything to make money and I believe that is what Disney is doing. Disney is known for representing history and making it into fairy tales. But don’t let me get started about that! Your description of the novel and Magawisca were very descriptive and easy to follow (which makes reading these blogs fun). I enjoyed your way of describing the “noble savage” and your example of “an animal or force of nature.” The two really show a lot of thought and effort!


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