Nature Walk

Am I One with Nature And God?

My makeup look for this nature walk, inspired by mother nature. Photo Credit goes to my husband Eliezer Wagner.

This morning I went on a nature walk with my husband. It was quite a romantic phenomenon. The leaves crackled and rustled under our feet and the sounds of the city slowly drifted away. The highway disappeared into a magical entry way of beautiful fall colored leaves and tall trees. The dry pastures, the surprises of beautiful purple flowers, and the enchanting water reservoir created a beautiful and wonderful morning experience.

Ridgewood Reservoir

As we took this walk together my husband and I could really feel and see the connections that Ralph Waldo Emerson made with God in his writing “Nature”. In the chapter “Beauty”, Emerson expresses nature as pleasurable. He shows the reader that nature and it’s beauty has medicinal, spiritual, and intellectual properties. I can say that as we walked I could feel all of these properties. Intellectually I could connect to Emerson’s writing, spiritually I could connect to God, and medicinally I felt all of my anxieties and stress going away. As Emerson points out, nature is a natural form that is a relief for all people.

Ridgewood Reservoir

Emerson says “The happiest man is he who learns from nature the lesson of worship”. My husband and I are both Christian believers, and walking together into this whimsical enchantment made us feel as if we were in the very beginning of the book of Genesis, during creation. Emerson was right. We can learn from nature, how to worship God because Nature is God. As my husband and I looked out into the water, we both agreed that we were looking at God’s craftsmanship. Nature is a wonderful gift that God has given us. He created it and now we can be closer to Him.

As I think about the readings from my English literature class I can’t help but disagree with the writers we have already studied in class. Writers like Irving, Hawthorne,and Nash. In their texts, the wilderness and nature can be seen as an evil, mystical, and a satanic place. A place that either would control a man, or allow nature to take over him. A place where one can meet evil creatures such as the devil. A place where evil can touch a man’s soul and leave him in a wandering and ever so frightful spiritual, emotional, and mental situation. Yet, as we took our nature walk, my soul was not affected by any evil. I saw no evil, heard no evil, and had no desire to control the wilderness. Instead I felt the stillness of God and nature. I became one with it. I embraced it. The feeling of peace and beauty came over me. The fresh brisk air hit my face in such a loving way.

This photo captures the oneness I was feeling with nature and God. Photo Credit goes to my husband Eliezer Wagner.

As we ended our walk I could feel the oneness with God and the oneness with nature. I also believe that walking around with a mother nature makeup look, connected me more to nature. I was able to camouflage within leaves. I was able to enjoy the green face paint on my skin, and the green scenery around me. The makeup look, the oneness with God and nature gave me a new identity, a sense of self and a sense of power. A sense of power in the sense that nature was within me, around me, and I understood its sounds, and its peace of silence. Emerson says The currents of the Universal being circulate through me; I am part or particle of God”. I could see that at this very moment, with my husband, with my makeup, and with God, the sound of nature was still and all of these aspects gave me the power to understand its peace. I am very grateful that I shared this walk not only with myself, but with my husband, and my God.

The end of our nature walk.

2 thoughts on “Am I One with Nature And God?

  1. Such a wonderful post. I felt your calmness as I read through it. While I do not recall whether Emerson directly mentioned Christianity, I believe he would deeply appreciate you incorporating your religious beliefs into your nature walk. Any avenue in which we view nature as a catalyst for spiritual grounding or revelation is the crux of his piece, and I think you exemplified that beautifully.

    I also like that you went the extra mile and created a makeup look for your post! It definitely shows how much Emerson and your own experience with nature resonates with you.

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