Nature Walk

My nature walk with Chloe

Here is Chloe getting ready for her walk. Photo by: Melanie Garcia

See that cute dog in the picture? That’s my dog and her name is Chloe. She is an American Eskimo mix and she has been part of the family for a while now. We actually got her when she was just four months old, and she just turned eight on October 26. Since, I have Wednesdays’ off from Hunter, I usually take her for walks around the neighborhood.  Though she is not a large dog she can be difficult to walk. It is hard to take her for a walk because she does not like small dogs, bicycles, motorcycles, or for that matter other people that she does not know. You have to keep  her on a short leash so she doesn’t pull you and go after people, other dogs and bicycles. She also loves to go after squirrels and there are a lot of squirrels around my house especially in my back yard since we have a huge oak tree that has tons of acorns which the squirrels are trying to gather for winter. This week instead of walking her on my usual day, I decided to walk her on Tuesday because that day I had a midterm and  I figured that I could walk her right after getting  home since I was coming home earlier than usual. Unfortunately, after I voted I went straight home, and  I got a little lazy and decided to catch up on some of my shows before taking her for a walk. When I did get the chance to walk her it was almost 5 o’clock.

I happen to live on a dead end block so when I’d opened the door, I noticed the beautiful scenery right away. Since the days are getting get darker quicker because of daylight savings the sun was already going down for the day. Lucky for us, the sunset was still out and it was beautiful. The clear blue sky was now different colors. From colors like yellow, to a little bit of white to a nice shade of blue.

Photo by:Melanie Garcia

Before even crossing the street I had to take a picture of how the sky looked because I thought that it was very beautiful and it made me feel calm (Yet, I was still hoping that we would not see a small dog, someone on our walk, or even a bike cycle). As our walk continued the colors of the sky were changing, but still once again very beautiful. Only taking a second after taking a picture Chloe began walking down the stairs letting me know that it was time to continue walking.

Photo by: Melanie Garcia

As we cross the street I look to my right and noticed how I was able to see the sunset better and how still it was peaceful and calming to see something so beautiful. It made me realize that whatever problems that we are dealing with that we should take a moment to just watch the sunrise or sunset because it might make our day or night a little better. On that street there is the Bx5 bus stop (lucky for us, still no people, so we were able to walk pass the bus stop to continued the walk).

It was even a nice night that when I was walking Chloe, I just went out wearing a sweater, leggings and my Toms. Chloe was having the time of her life just being happy that she was able to be outside and also being taken for a nice long walk. We have lots of trees that line up the neighborhood and all the leaves have changed color and lots of leaves have also fallen.  Chloe loves walking on the leaves as do I. I like to hear them crunch under my feet. Once she was done doing her business, we made a u-turn and went back on the path that we started the walk.

Photos by:Melanie Garcia

I was lucky this time because even though Chloe tried to get a man on a bicycle, no harm done though. When we were going back to the house I was glad it was calm and peaceful because I had came home from taking a midterm and I needed time to unwind and  have time to enjoy with my dog. I needed that moment of peace and relaxation.

“The world thus exists to the soul to satisfy the desire of beauty.”― Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nature

I am glad that we were able to read Emerson in class because I felt like his views on how nature is beautiful is the same as mine because even when I am coming home from school I am always taking pictures of the trees that I see on my walk and I feel like nature is a part of us because I believe that nature helps us feel calm and happy. When we need a moment to take our troubles away and nature is that moment.


Photos:By Melanie Garcia

Nature by Ralph Emerson, 1836.


3 thoughts on “My nature walk with Chloe

  1. Your dog is so cute! And I can relate to your dog– haha! I love this sentence: “Chloe was having the time of her life just being happy that she was able to be outside and also being taken for a nice long walk.” I am also always so happy when I can be outside and go for a nice long walk. Being stuck inside is no fun for humans. I could only imagine how much a dog must be longing to go outside! Nature is so amazing. And sunsets and sunrises make me calm as well. The beauty of the sky (and all of the natural world) is so vast and astonishing. It reminds me of the quote you posted at the top of your blog– “Beauty is the mark God sets upon virtue.”

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  2. Melanie, your dog is beautiful. I laughed so hard at the fact that she chases squirrels and chased the person on the bicycle. It was funny, and the squirrel chasing reminded me of the Disney movie UP. I have to agree with your view on nature, it is beautiful, especially when the sun is rising or setting. I am so glad you enjoyed your walk with your dog. I am glad that you were able to hold onto your peace and enjoyment of nature. Your experience was comical but also transported me into a peaceful mindset and gave me a sense of tranquility.


  3. It is not easy to walk a dog! I walk my dog, Mylo, everywhere. He really loves it, and loves meeting new willing strangers! I also saw a sunset on my walk, it is a soothing thing. I dont remember the page number but Emerson does mentio how some people “never get to see the sun.” You and I saw the sun, we experienced the sun and its an relaxing, yet exciting feelings when all you’re thinking about is that sun.


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