Nature Walk

Nature Walk: A Quick Release When You’re Weary From The Ways Of The World

Today, I ventured to Clason Point in the Bronx for my nature walk, which happens to be a couple of blocks away from my home. I brought my dog along with me which I usually used to do since I when I was an avid jogger/runner on this trail. I decided to leave my phone at home completely because I knew it would be a distraction even on airplane mode… I guess I’m a slave to technology. However, I also left it home because I woke up feeling sombre today. The recent election of Donald Trump as the next President left me feeling defeated, and I could definitely feel that energy in the air as I walked passed members of my community with looks of distress on their faces as well. I honestly do not think this nature walk could have come at a better time. It served as a release, a break from all the commotion, arguments over opposing views, blame being placed on groups of people for not voting at all, misplaced agression, and just overall chaos/negativity clouding my mind. I walked the trail and tried to put everything going on currently out of my mind. I listened to the light rain hitting the leaves on the trees, or at least what is left of them. I heard rustling in the grass from squirrels running back and forth through the leaves. There are a number of benches every 100 feet or so apart, so I decided to sit on one that was facing a creek that leads into the east river. I sat there for twenty minutes or so and I didn’t know what to do, so I just concentrated on my breathing. At this point I noticed I started to get a clear head. I got up and walked further along the trail. Now at this point the trail turns into gravel, and there are no more trees, just large areas of thigh high grass surronding the path. At the end is a piece of concrete that I sat on right at the edge of the river that has a view of the Whitestone Bridge and Queens. This is my favorite place in the world. This place brings me so much happiness and a great sense of freedom. It is calm; it brings tranquility. Then I remembered a quote that Ralph Waldo Emerson said in his novel, Nature.

The sun shines today also.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nature

It was the perfect remedy for all the distress going on. The sun does shine today, and tomorrow, and everyday after that. No matter what happens in the world, nature will always be a constant. The seasons may change, but we will always have a day and night. A sunrise and a sunset. Every single day. Life goes on. I didn’t appreciate Emerson’s words as much as I do now, because they did not make as much sense to me as they do now.

Nature effects us in numerous positive ways. It can serve as a release, as a form of clarity, as answers to questions you never knew the answers too, as an appreciation for life, or just as a break from the every day stress/hustle and bustle.

P.S: The entire time I was on this walk, I had Solange’s new album A Seat At The Table playing in the back of my mind (which you can listen to here or here). It really set the mood, and strongly relates to my emotions on the current state of the Nation, especially the song Weary (which was the inspiration for the title of this blog post).

Here are a few pictures that I took on the trail from this past summer, since I did not bring any technology with me.

The road that separates the trail from the houses.
Beautiful cloud filled skies.
An image of me staring at the image of Queens across the East River.
My dog is always thrilled to join me.

4 thoughts on “Nature Walk: A Quick Release When You’re Weary From The Ways Of The World

  1. I really enjoyed how laid back and relax your writing seemed, particularly because I wanted to take that same approach for this assignment. It didn’t seem too forced and over thought. I can relate to that being a “slave to technology” part even though I didn’t have that option the day I took took my nature walk. It was cool reading how your piece was also a stream of consciousness, just formatted differently. I’m glad you were able to relax your mind and escape from the chaotic reality of politics to focus on the powerful tranquillity that nature exudes. I REALLY liked the part when you wrote “nature will always be constant” because it’s a reminder that, despite many not actively believing it, nature is much stronger than what we think. Also, I’ve listened to Solagne’s new album and if I were to pick a song to tie into my blog post it would be “Mad”. Keep up the good work!

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  2. Really enjoyed reading this thoughtful, reflective post, and I am so glad it gave you some peace in the wake of the election. I especially liked that you linked to further listening instead of further reading! Very creative way to share your mindscape and landscape with the reader.


  3. First, I just wanted to say that I am from the Bronx myself :). I also like how you talked about walking your dog because that it was I did as well, and I found it funny how your dog can be so far away from you when I have to walk my dog she has to be right by my side because like to attack anything or anyone that she thinks my hurt me lol.


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