Nature Walk

Delicious Evening




It was dark and really cold outside. I didn’t bring a jacket, but I had to go out though; I had to escape from the non-stop, post-election coverage. I went to Queens New York Briarwood Playground. Behind the playground is a small woods. I entered the woods, and started to walk around.  I saw the orange leaves on the ground. I saw the Tall trees blocking the night sky. As I walked I got mud on my boots. I felt the breeze run through my skin. There was a reason why I decided, to go on my walk late at night. I didn’t want anyone to disrupt my train of thought. I knew they wouldn’t be a lot of people on the streets at this time. I was in a secluded place. Where I could kill the anxiety, and the stress running through my body. Due to losing the election unexpectedly. The icy breeze cooled down a headache that I’ve been having.

I could finally block out all the bad thoughts from my head, concerning the future. There was no family or media to distract me. I decided to focus my thoughts on the cockroaches on the trees instead. They were big, red, and the roaches were climbing the trees. I decided to count them. I counted one, two, three, four, five roaches on the biggest tree. I calmed myself down, and told myself that, things wouldn’t be so bad. Everything would work itself out. Your anxiety is blown out of proportion.  I heard crickets singing, I heard the owls hooting. The breeze continued to flow through my body and I began to calm myself down.


I can relate my experience in the woods, to Thoreau experience with nature in Solitude. Thoreau wanted to escape the gossip of his town, while I wanted to escape the hype and drama of the media. Thoreau mentions being one with nature and having a “delicious evening”. I had a terrible headache, and I hoped the cold breeze would make my evening pleasurable as well. Although I didn’t get the same pleasurable feeling, from the cockroaches and the crickets, that Thoreau got from the bullfrogs. I found the cold air and solitude very refreshing. I have to say thank you to the text.





Thoreau, Henry D. Walden, Civil Disobedience, and Other Writings. New York: Norton Critical Editions. 2008.Print.




One thought on “Delicious Evening

  1. I enjoyed reading the commentary in the beginning of your blog. I found it to be a very interesting way to open up your post. It is very vivid and the way you describe certain little aspects of your walk (like the way you got mud on your boots. How the breeze of the wind traveled past your skin). The way you described these tiny aspects of nature allowed me to see the beauty that nature holds. The way in which nature lives when we least expect it. Nature is able to help us out during our difficult times and it is nice to see it have that effect on you. The election defiantly hurt a lot of us and I’m glad you used this walk to help you recover from it. Thoreau definitely had the same effect on me. I found the ability to escape people’s voices, their attitudes, as therapeutic to my psyche.

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