Nature Walk

I love you, Nature.

Ideologically, nature has influenced the human race in a tremendous amount of ways. We often take for granted the many things our environment has to offer. This includes some of the sounds and imagery I witnessed on my nature walk.

I was reluctant to put on airplane mode for an entire hour however, after about 10-15 minutes of walking I realized how distracting a cell phone is! Disconnecting myself from my iPhone was really fun actually.  I realized how important the anti-consumption aspect of Emerson’s Nature was. He has a very powerful line in a text that reads, “Nature is well adapted to our weakness as to our strength” (12). The way we absorb nature, will depend on our emotions; nature is accommodating in that form. I recognized this on my nature walk when I turned off my phone because allowing the crackling of the leaves, and the blowing wind in my ear to vibe with me, gave way to my new appreciation of nature. I found myself wanting to step on leaves, wanting to take pictures of the sky.

I think that Nature is godly in that sense. Its sounds, colors, and feelings rub into us and for me, it is a peaceful yet exciting phenomena. Seeing the sunset was the most tasteful experience for me. I felt a different mood when the sun fully set. During the bright hours, I was jollier but during the night, I found myself thinking of more pessimistic thoughts. Still, I enjoyed freeing my mind.

Emerson speaks a lot of an anti consumer mindset. I think that I am very privileged to own an iPhone, and what cell phones do is take away the beauty of natural living. Enduring a nature walk was something that enhanced my gratitude for nature.


One thought on “I love you, Nature.

  1. It’s crazy how much we rely on our phones for no reason really (even though I can list you the reasons why I need my phone at all times, they all seem to be less important and unnecessary). They really do distract from what is surrounding us. I know that when I turned off my phone for the walk I felt a little separation anxiety and noticed how much louder the city is when I am left to listen and look around. Great connection with Emerson’s view of nature and how we react to it. It’s interesting to see how a person reacts to their environment because the first thing that triggers the person is their emotions and their senses on how to adapt to the environment, which explains why you felt differently between the day and after the sunset. Sunsets are probably the best things about nature, I wish you can share a pic of what you saw. 🙂


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