Reflections on Hope Leslie

The New Definition of American

After reading Hope Leslie and accompanying readings in my Early American Literature class, I had to continue talking about American Identity from my previous blog post, because I discovered a new, apparently key definitive term for “American”— it is… ungrateful. Now this adjective may have never came to mind were it not for the combination of… Continue reading The New Definition of American

American Identity

American: An Adjective Disguised as a Noun

Although I’ve been taught American history, literature, and culture since preschool, for some reason I hadn’t quite identified what defined America until I read Roderick Nash’s “Wilderness and the American Mind” in my Early American Literature class. From reading Nash’s work I realized that what characterizes America is wilderness, and that the term “wilderness” itself… Continue reading American: An Adjective Disguised as a Noun

Environmental Justice & Sustainability

Every Solution Requires Another Solution

The wilderness is a beautiful place one could enjoy and use to connect with God— as the Puritans did when they arrived in America— or even with one’s own deeper self, as many people do even today. But increasingly, this natural environment is being burdened by pollution creeping in from every angle. Water pollution, air… Continue reading Every Solution Requires Another Solution